This project is no longer under active development! Everything works, and I have patched the glaring security fault. This was a project I wrote for a friend, and his need (and mine) no longer exist. Anyone who wants to take over may.

Welcome to Advanced Random Generators, kindly hosted by

This project hopes to provide a series of random generators that are more relevant to a usage than those simply dealing with numbers. The first in this series is Mafia-Scum Tools, which randomly allocates given titles to given names, using the titles only a user-specified number of times.

The random generators are currently programmed in php, allowing anyone who runs a http server with php support to host them, and they are encouraged to do so.

Everyone please note: The license is GPL, which allows you to distribute and modify the code, provided that you do so for the community, and leave the product Open Source. I would be obliged if you would also notify me of the changes you make, so that I might be able to incorporate what you have done.
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